Geodesic Dome

[The starting point of a geodesic dome]

The end of the 19th century the technology of civilization becomes a unit of micro or a quantum, Ernst Haeckel, an artist and a scientist, is fascinated with the wonderful form of a minute living thing, and then announces them as a miniature.

Later years his work influence Art Nouveau and Jugend Style , etc.

In this miniature radiolarian have a most primitive form.Its body is wrapped in a gelatinous cell, have a lightweight and durable structure in order to keep that.

Then after, the German engineer Walter Bauer felt Inspired by this precise geometric structure applies classic geometry to a spherical dome,and builds the first geodesic dome in the world.





それから30年後の1950年代、R・B フラーは宇宙船地球号の危機的状況を鑑み、このドームを地球上に拡散することにした。人は住むために最もエネルギーを消費する。最少の材料で最大の空間を包み込むことができるならば、まだ間に合うと彼は確信した。

[Formative principle of a geodesic dome]

The molecule and atomic structure which accomplish a substance consist of a certain kind of energy.

If they are reconstructed according to the golden ratio, the first vessel of a life object can be prepared.

If they are reconstructed according to the golden ratio, the first vessel of a life object will be made.

The structure of dividing space into 12 equally from a center is inherited to the cell and frame of a plant and an animal, and it appears in a portion or the whole as the figure which metamorphosed.

The structure accompanied by a certain kind of regularity synchronizes with the polyhedral structure in classic geometry and sacred geometry are treated as regular dodecahedron (consist of 12 faces).

A fractal lattice will be formed by projecting this structure on a surface of a sphere, and dividing the classified domain further.

In this way, the prototype of a geodesic dome is done.







I feel that the structure of the old civilization and the geometry supporting it transform themselves.

Moreover, in connection with it, I feel that collective consciousness also tends to accomplish the change.

This geodesic dome is one of the remarkable structures which experiences that stirring..