Assemble”The Da Vinci Dome” ダヴィンチ・ドームの組立

投稿日: 2012/02/29 8:40:59

"The suitable form of the house for the evolved society devote planetary i.e.dome shape. The earth will accomplish change of environment and density to urgency from now on, and will shift to the next stage.

Accordingly consciousness of mankind will require a new social structure , and seek the image of new space.

I have developed the mobile dome house in preparation for it for many years."

This is the da Vinci dome in which the contemporary art exhibition in Toyohashi Japan."

Following last year, it upgrades and re-appeare this time.

The whole picture will be pressed and the background is also pushed forward for it.

The feature of this dome is the point that all the supports are located perpendicularly.

It becomes easy to prepare an entrance and a window by this.

Moreover, height can be adjusted.

This design is based on zone geometry and spherical geometry.

The further feature by this is that a spherical dome is extensible.

more information and the background






『現代美術 in とよはし』出品のダヴィンチ・ドーム



This dome has the image of (Pao) gel of the nomads.

The design principle was taken down from the realm of the unknown , has been pursuing lightweight material, the ease of production and assembly members.

This time I have developed only its structure.

You do not need any special brackets to make it ,and can make it into the hands of a material anywhere in the world.





The exhibit place is just front of the museum in Toyohashi park




The element kit of mobile structure

Gross weight 65 kg, 160 pieces in all.


In addition, I made a DIY manual for this structure.

Now, I am translating into English.

Please wait for a little while longer.

Reservation is received.

The price is about 15 dollars.

Please send e-mail from the page of contact in this website or contact me in Face Book.

As soon as I create an English manual, I will contact you.