Catenoid Dome

Musgum clay houses (Cameroon)

construcción en ARCILLA (=clay) para las viviendas de la etnia Musgum

- Preview

arquitectura arcilla

designboom has dedicated a large amount of time to learn more about clay -one of the earliest natural buildingmaterials in history of men. our intent is to promote earth also as a building material of the represents an excellent alternative to cement whose manufacture releases considerable quantities of CO2.individual housing units and small apartment buildings can easily be built from earth in every part of the world. however, concrete remains an essential material for high-rise construction. the research effort should betherefore two-pronged: tailoring earth to the needs of modern construction and making concrete 'greener'.in this first article of a series, which we will publish in the upcoming weeks, we'll examine a few ancient building techniques.the musgum, an ethnic group in far north province in cameroon, created their homesfromcompressed sun-dried mud. the tall conical dwellings, in the shape of a shell (artillery),featured geometricraised patterns.