Publication of Eidolonic dome EIDOLON-G

投稿日: 2013/04/28 0:33:33

Production and publication of the dome EIDOLON-G, which was covered with shield the outer shell of Da Vinci Dome

This video is the record of the first development phase of this dome.

The structure of the Eidolonic dome is composed of systems that integrate four geometry.

  1. Sacred geometry

  2. Zome-geometry

  3. Non-Euclidean geometry by reciprocal grid system

In adidition to these three geometry,Eidolon-G is used spherical geometry.

Based on the historical point of view, I named the dome of this framework The Da Vinci Dome But on the other hand from the geometric viewpoint , it is a geodesic dome using zonofedlicated reciprocal grid system. By that, this could also be called completely new type of geodesic dome. At this time the dome has been designed by shield covering,it will be able to show the characteristics of more than Da Vinci dome in the future. Therefore, I decided to give the a new name in advance.Here, the Eidolon is a form of one of the light, it is said to refer to those compact light, what state the spiritual is the form when it comes to a certain level.I have extracted this word from the macro and macro and microscopic concept of sacred geometry .First half of this Video, the assembly production in Toyohashi. The second half is the prototype that was exhibited at the venue Earth Day (April 21, 2013) held in Tahara,Japan.

Shield was 1/5 of the total because I could not afford budget and time .Assembly time is 3 hours by 4 people、the diameter of the prototype 4m, weight of the frame 70Kg and weight of assuming the shield after completion 100kg.

Dome is entirely covered with shields, and going to publishe again in the spring of 2014.

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ダヴィンチ・ドームの外殻をシールドで被った新たなドーム、アイドロン-G の制作と発表です。



  1. 神聖幾何学

  2. ゾーン幾何学

  3. レシプロカルグリッドによる非ユークリット幾何学