Way to the third style of Architecture

The power of the dark forces that is the symbol of the material civilization starts accomplishing the end on the time of the evolution of the planet scale.

We must build a spiritual civilization in harmony with nature.

Tell everyone how the earth feel and "to create a civilization of the awakening planet " what is our purpose.

This website will explore the third architecture in the coming civilization.

Discovery of the multi-dimensional polyaxes structure by non-Euclidean geometry means that the ascension in architecture.

That Thought is design system background from a micro-cosmic to universe, the origin of sacred geometry in other words.

Hiroshi Murata has systematized that structure and applies it to the dome structure.

The structure of this dome forms a organic form, showing the development of sacred architecture as art. In addition, it also introduces the sculpture, the forming design, and the art made an embodiment by its thought on this site.


Geometry in Ascension


Architecture in Ascension

Diagram of Geometry


建築に天文・幾何学・自然科学・芸術そして精神科学を織り込み、新たな文明に向けての建築様式を探求。 現在、マルチレシプロカルグリット・多軸体へと展開を続け、多次元幾何学構造を追っています。 物質文明が終わりを遂げようとしていなか、「覚醒した星の文明を創造すること」それが最終目標です。







Sculptor, modeling designer、architect and geometer

1961 births, Aichi prefectural University Faculty of Fine Arts, after graduating from the Sculpture Department, engaged in the modeling design work mainly produced artwork.

Meanwhile, the self-educated natural science,architecture and geometry.Currently, representative of FORM DESIGN OFFICE.

Polyaxsis:Polyhedric Reciprocal Grid System

Geometry is the creation of space. It leads to how to understand the world and the universe.

Late 1990s, Hiroshi Murata started working on geometry corresponding to the natural sciences to extend the senses of the -formative arts.

Not only as the sense that, as a mechanism that can tell the others.

Later research, knowledge and systems so that everyone can share, get to work building the system geometry.

In 2000, invented the Multi-dimensional Polyaxes structures by Non-Euclidean geometry.

Five years later,systemized the structure and announced that as lighting system.

In 2008,reorganize the structure of the above system,then opened to the public as a dome-shaped structursystem.

Based on this system today, seeking to conduct the design of new functionality and artistic beauty, and has been the development of architectural education, design, sculpture and environmental modeling.

The 3rd Architecture

Sacred Dome


Artistic design

  • 彫刻、第三の空間構成、ダ・ヴィンチ・グリット Sculpture, the third space structure, The Da Vinci Grid

  • モザイク Mosaicwall

  • 造形 Modeling

  • 造園 Landscaping

  • ダ・ヴィンチ・グリットによるツリーハウス Tree house by The Da Vinci Grid

  • ケルト文様と縄文文様 Celtic patterns and Jomon pattern

  • スパイラルとボルテックスSpiral and vortex

  • 市松文様とメビウスの輪 Mobius ring and checkered pattern

  • ステンドグラス Stainedglass

  • 光の織物 Light fabrics

  • 未知なる美の機能 Unknown features of beauty


His research interests are in the areas of sustainable construction; building structures (in particular innovative and non-conventional structures ) and their history; development; design; and environmental performance.

Spatial structures:

    • historical/analytical research into the work/philosophy of designers of spatial structures

    • history, development and use of space grid and grillage systems - Space Grid Structures and forthcoming Space Grid Architecture

    • reciprocal frame and folding structures - history, development and use of three-dimensional grid, grillage and deployable systems.



Public Docment

Domed Tent G-PAO 2006

Domed Pergola 2010

Domed Pergola 2009

The Da Vinci Dome 2011-2012

Part 1 Structure

The Da Vinci Dome 2013-

Part 2 Outershell

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